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February 2013 All new Satellite internet systems have 20mb/s download and 6mb/s upload as stardard.

January 2013 More Sky channels drop off the box.

January 2013 Normsat takes over a local Alarm company fitting, monitoring and servicing of Alarm systems.

December 2012 Solar Power is now worth having as electric prices go up.

October 2012 Radio channels disappear from the Sky line up

Septemberber 2012 Upto 18Mb/s satellite internet now avalible!

November 2011 Upto 10Mb/s satellite internet now avalible!

October 2011 6Mb/s satellite internet has arrived!

September 2011 BBC stream channels have changed frequency

May 2011 SkyHD Mini boxes just arrived.

February 2011 SkyplusHD boxes available while stocks last.

January 2011 Free view cards back instock.

December 2010 First delivery of SkyplusHD boxes available while stocks last.

July 2010 Pace Digiboxes back in stock.

June 2010 Sky box reduced to 200 euro while stocks last.

January Free to view cards now instock.

March 2010 ITV1 HD now working

February 2010 Sky having software problems

January 2010 Normsat now fit solar power to homes.

January 2010 - Happy Newyear everyone

December 2009 - Merry Xmas everyone.

June 2009 - Sales on Skyplus receivers ring for details.

May 2009 - Channel5 fre to air, Closed shop as rent is doubled!

April 2009 - Showtime have problem with pirate cards.

March 2009 - We have moved into on side of the main shop.

February 2009 - Checkout posts on Cyprus living as changes are happening on the system again.

January 2009 - Credit crunch hits Cyprus.

December 2008 - Busy time again just before Xmas.

November 2008 - High wind causing a few problems.

October 2008 - Remember to use other channels for ITV1.

September 2008 - Spiders problems with dishes.

August 2008 - some more channels change places.

July 2008 - ITV2+1 moved to 10891 H 22.0 5/6 also other ITV1 stations here.

June 2008 - ITV1 also on 12402 V 27.5 2/3 not as strong is some areas

June 2008 - ITV1 10714 transponder gone, change to 10832 H 22.0 5/6

March 2008 - E4 & More4 frequency 11565 V 27.5 2/3

February 2008 - Second user Satellite internet instock, call for pricing

January 2008 - Now takeover a francise of Novelty Vend for the Paphos area

January 2008 - We now do solar energy equipment, Panels, Batteries, Solar Chargers also for DIY installations.
Call in for further info.

September 2007 - Channel 4+1

Channel 4+1 is on air on 135 so if you don't get Channel 4 on 104 try it.

April 2007 - New Pace Digibox The new Pace DS440N is in stock @�120 it looks completely different from the old model.

January 2007 - Problems with Channel 4.Do not adjust your dish as noone knows the exact reason for the lack of picture.

January 2007 - New stocks of DS440N Pace Digiboxes have come in, we still have a small quantity of DS430N for those that prefer this model. A couple of Skyplus Digiboxes are still available as well @199cyp.

October 2006 - 3m Dishes now being fitted due to BBC / ITV having weaker signals than last year.

October 2006 - Sky services ending: This rumour that has been circulating is completely without substance. Although Sky have reduced their bandwidth signal, they have not got any plans to introdce a subscription service for ex-pats living abroad. For further information on this and a full description of what is happening please contact one of our helpful staff who will be only to pleased to assist you.

October 2006 - We still hold surplus stock of the PACE digiboxes for SKY.


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